Self-driving cars quietly go around cars and slow down in front of pedestrians, CCTV cameras on the streets recognize our faces, and vacuum cleaners mark on the map where slippers are - all this is not a miracle. This is happening right now.

And it's all thanks to computer vision. In order for the computer to understand what it sees, you need to go through 3 stages:

- We need to get an image
- We need to process it
- And only then to analyze

Our company can provide support at every stage, helping to develop mathematical solutions and corresponding algorithms, even the most science-intensive ones.

Areas of our consulting services

- Precise determination of the position of objects and distances to them based on video data
- Object recognition
- Motion detection
- Gesture control for video walls and interactive showcases, including outdoor applications in all weather conditions, while simultaneously supporting a large number of users
- Augmented reality
- Restoring 3D objects from a point cloud
- Analysis of the video stream and search for information in it
- Working with video stream at the container level
- Encoding and decoding with industrial codecs
- Technologies for the delivery and processing of video content over the Internet, video on the web and on mobile devices
Project 1.
Video recognition algorithms for the automotive industry

This system is capable of recording high-resolution video from two interconnected cameras, correcting the resulting image, and even predicting possible emergencies. All this would not have been possible without the development of the latest algorithms and the use of mathematically complex software.

Project 2.
Video stream processing
Development of an algorithm for Audio and Video recognition software for the hotel and restaurant market segment This project uses an individual approach to the client using patented algorithms During the implementation of the project, an in-depth study of the subject area of the customer was carried out.

Project 3.
Calculation of the efficiency of multilayer diffraction gratings
This project is the development of software for accurate calculations. The main task was to develop a modern graphical interface and optimize the used computer resources. This method is used to optimize various calculations and allows you to:

  • carry out preliminary calculation;
  • cache intermediate results;
  • perform parallel computing.